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June 13, 2018:

Several great things have been happening this year!

Recent research conducted by others is affirming the basic hypothesis. This consilience is a powerful indicator our idea is true:

Interstitial Fluid as a New Organ

Subchondral bone circulation in osteoarthritis of the human knee

Multiscale entropy


These 3 articles are huge. The interstitium also exists in the cortex and subchondral parts of the bone. Increased interstitial fluid pressure in the bone will lead to a lack of blood flow resulting in hypoxia and symptom expression. Not all your patients are suffering from ‘soft tissue injury’! In the late 90’s I wrote a paper discussing postural sway as an outcomes measure (in the Manuscripts page). The world has now come around to see this as a valid measuring tool. Postural control is a hallmark for predicting falls in the elderly as well as following the course of post concussive cases.

The procedures and assessment techniques are always improving. One of these has been shown to reduce the postural sway.

We have several great continuing ed courses planned for the rest of the year. I will be speaking and demonstrating at the AGM of the Canadian Sports Massage Association held here in Vancouver in October. A preceptorship program will also be starting. It will consist of 1 day blocks and the treating of patients will be included. You can register through the RMTBC. Check out the upcoming seminars page. Hope to see you there!