The following procedures can best be described as ongoing orthopedic and/or neurological tests. They should not be attempted unless you are a certified and licensed practitioner. They may cause injury. Only a few assessment procedures are demonstrated here.

In all the following video clips we are attempting to increase arterial blood supply to the target area. This is accomplished in two ways. Increasing the volume in the neural canal and the intervertebral foramen is demonstrated in the spinal stenosis sections. Stretching or tractioning tissue is dealt with in the other sections. When the target tissue is stretched the hydrostatic pressure within that tissue is temporarily increased. This increased pressure causes fluid to leave the area. Afterwards the resting tissue hydrostatic pressure is lower than before. The blood and oxygen can now flow into the zone. The tissues we are most concerned with are the nerves and surrounding connective tissue.

I would like to thank Dr. Laura Stix, BSc, ND for modelling and Mike Dixon, RMT for demonstrating the fascial procedures.

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