Gravity of discovery

  • First time a common pathophysiology has been shown to exist and just as important, why it exists. [Bamfield]

  • First time two mechanisms of action of both the assessment and treatment are explained and have been proven. [Mechanism of Action]

  • The discovery is easily disprovable and therefore lends nicely to future quantitative research. It must be understood, however, as great as this idea is, it is only one cause of illness. The assessment will determine this.

  • Edifies ancient ideas of chi and re-enforces traditional forms of therapy and exercise such as Qi, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Yijin Jing, and Tao Yin which all incorporate the idea of air flowing freely from the lungs to the affected body parts. [Mission II]

  • The understanding of this hypothesis highlights myths and misconceptions commonly believed today. [Myth]

Myths & Misconceptions

Highlights of different myths and misconceptions today

Assessment & Treatment

Using the hypothesis will put compass on your ship

Teaching & Preceptorship

Tips & Suggestions on Teaching and Preceptorship​

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