Seoul, Korea Seminar

SEMINAR Tissue Pressure

Capillary Hydrostatic Pressure

The Extracellular Matrix

HagFish Fiber

Bone Circulation

Microstructural changes associated with osteoporosis negatively affect loading-induced fluid flow around osteocytes in cortical bone.

Discovery of blood vessel system in bones

Multiscale analysis of the coupled effects governing the movement of interstitial fluid in cortical bone

Arterial blood flow in the prostate in the syndrome of chronic pelvic pain/chronic prostatitis

NG2 Video

CNS Injury PGs

Astrocyte HIF-2α supports learning in a passive avoidance paradigm under hypoxic stress

Mechanical properties of peripheral nerves

Where tendons and ligaments meet bone: attachment sites (‘entheses’) in relation to exercise and/or mechanical load

The UTE Disc Sign on MRI: A Novel Imaging Biomarker Associated With Degenerative Spine Changes, Low Back Pain and Disability

The gut-brain axis: interactions between enteric microbiota, central and enteric nervous systems

Hypoxia and inflammation are two sides of the same coin

Inflammatory bowel disease associated arthropathy

What Are Bacterial Biofilms? A Six Minute Montage

Weight gain in marine animals when exposed to hypoxic or cold-water environments

Adaptive evolution of secretory cell lines in vertebrate skin


The cellular pathobiology of the degenerate intervertebral disc and discogenic back pain

The origin and development of glial cells in peripheral nerves

Pathology and possible mechanisms of nervous system response to disc degeneration

Degenerative disk vascularization on MRI: correlation with clinical and histopathologic findings

Vertebral endplate signal changes (Modic change): a systematic literature review of prevalence and association with non-specific low back pain

Rocket Sled land speed record

The role of the vertebral end plate in low back pain

Anti-inflammatory effects of ADAMTS-4 in a mouse model of ischemic stroke

Bradycardia fish

Tumor Interstitial Fluid Pressure—A Link between Tumor Hypoxia, Microvascular Density, and Lymph Node Metastasis

A manifesto to fight scientific one hit wonders

An Evaluation of the Rotator Cuff Repair Research Pipeline

Knee osteoarthritis and current research for evidence-are we on the right way?

The regulatory mechanisms of NG2/CSPG4 expression

Hagfish slime and mucin flow properties and their implications for defense

Dino Samartzis – The UTE Disc Sign on MRI and its Clinical Relevance

Mechanisms of low back pain: a guide for diagnosis and therapy

Vertebral Endplate Defect as Initiating Factor in Intervertebral Disc Degeneration: Strong Association Between Endplate Defect and Disc Degeneration in the General Population

Endplate Defect Is Heritable, Associated With Low Back Pain and Triggers Intervertebral Disc Degeneration

Reliability of Postural Sway Measures of Standing Balance Tasks

Limit cycle oscillations in standing human posture

An explorative investigation of functional differences in plantar center of pressure of four foot types using sample entropy method

Mechanical loading mitigates osteoarthritis symptoms by regulating endoplasmic reticulum stress and autophagy

Vascular Anatomy of the Cauda Equina and Its Implication on the Vascular Lesions in the Caudal Spinal Structure

Using Pressure Massage for Achilles Tendinopathy: A Single-Blind, Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing a Novel Treatment Versus an Eccentric Exercise Protocol

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